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EV Chargers

Are you buying an electric vehicle? Did you know there is government funding for landlords, flat owners and rental tenants, subject to criteria? Contact us for advice and a quote to fit your EV charge point.

Electric vehicles also offer you an opportunity that a petrol or diesel car doesn’t – to refuel at home. Typically, charging from home will be cheaper than on-street or public EV charging options. What’s more, if you have a solar panel system, your costs will be further reduced.


Did you know you might qualify for a government grant for your home electric vehicle charger?

The government’s EV chargepoint grant provides funding of up to 75% towards the cost of installing electric vehicle smart chargepoints at domestic properties across the UK. Grants are available for up to £350 per EV charger to flat owners, landlords, renters, freeholders and leaseholders.

Multi-unit buildings can receive funding for a maximum of 200 sockets or £70,000. Businesses and charities can also apply with Small business owners able to claim up to £15,000.

For more information see the government website:




Did you know you can also offset your EV charger costs by renting out your charger to your neighbours? You can do this by either a private arrangement or through peer-to-peer charging companies, who will charge a subscription fee or commission.

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