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Ever thought about diving into the world of solar panels but found yourself wondering if there’s an ideal moment to take the plunge? Uncertain about the best time of year for installation? Let’s shed some light on that! 

After all, if you’re making the investment in solar, you want to ensure that you’ll get as much efficiency out of your solar energy system as possible. So let’s look at how each season compares, and shed light on the optimal time to harness the power of the sun for your solar panel installation.




As nature reawakens, spring emerges as a prime season for solar panel installations. With days getting longer and levels of sunlight increasing, your solar panels can capture more energy. 

Installing your panels in spring is a great way to start your renewable energy journey on a high note.


Summer stands out as the peak season for solar energy production. The extended daylight hours and the sun’s higher position in the sky create ideal conditions for maximising solar panel output. Installing panels during this season ensures you generate ample energy to meet your needs and possibly even feed excess power back into the grid.


Autumn, with its mild temperatures and decreasing daylight, can be an excellent time to install solar panels. The cooler weather is conducive to efficient panel operation, and installing during autumn allows you to harness sunlight during the winter months, maintaining a steady energy flow even in the shorter days. 


While winter might seem like an unconventional time for solar panel installation, it’s not necessarily off the table. The cold temperatures can enhance the efficiency of solar panels, and snow can act as a natural reflector, amplifying the sunlight reaching the panels. However, winter installations may require additional planning to address potential weather-related challenges.

Location, Location, Location

Local climate and geographical factors can also play a role in deciding which time will be best for you to have solar panels installed. Regions with distinct seasons might see some varying efficiency throughout the year, while areas with a more stable climate may provide consistent solar energy production.

Expert Advice

As we have seen, pretty much any time of year has the potential to be ideal for installing your panels. Ultimately, consulting with solar energy professionals is key to determining the best time for your specific installation. 

Our experts at Orchid Energy can assess your location, climate, and energy needs to tailor the installation schedule to maximise efficiency and savings. Contact us today for a free consultation, or feel free to reach out with any questions you have about solar installation