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As the appeal of solar grows, so does the number of companies offering installation services.
This abundance, while beneficial in driving competitive prices, poses a challenge: how does
one select the right installer?

Certifications: Trustworthy installers will possess industry-recognized certifications. Such
credentials vouch for their training, adherence to safety protocols, and commitment to

Experience & Reputation: A company’s track record is illuminating. Seek out customer
reviews, ask for case studies, or request references. An installer’s past projects can offer
insights into their expertise and reliability.

Aftercare Services: Solar installations aren’t a one-off affair. Regular maintenance, efficiency
checks, and prompt troubleshooting are crucial for the system’s longevity. The best installers
view their job as starting, not ending, once the panels are on the roof.

Furthermore, consider the warranty terms. A substantial warranty period isn’t just indicative
of the panels’ quality but also the company’s confidence in its installation expertise.

However, a truly exemplary installer’s relationship with the client doesn’t terminate post-
installation. Instead, it evolves into a partnership. Aftercare and maintenance services are

pivotal for the system’s optimal performance. From periodic efficiency checks to
troubleshooting, an installer’s post-installation commitment speaks volumes about their
dedication to client satisfaction and solar advocacy.

With the right installer, the journey towards sustainable energy becomes smoother, ensuring
your solar panels stand the test of time and deliver optimal performance.

To start your solar journey, contact Orchid Energy at 01483 963711 or
info@orchidenergy.co.uk, and let’s harness the power of the sun together  

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